Cam says:

Every year for the past 56 years, all eyes in Japan have turned to NHK's “Kouhaku” New Year's Eve TV program, in which the white team, comprised of the cream of the crop of male entertainers in Japan, compete against the red team, made up of Japan's female entertainers... (yeah, very high concept, I know...)

The performances are invariably so cheesy that they make the worst of the Academy Awards musical numbers look like solemn affairs... but every so often, they go so overboard that words cannot describe how bad the performances are; this happened to be such a year. Apparently even Japanese people stopped watching, as it had its second worst ratings ever. (I believe last year was the worst ever...)

For me, the “WTF????” moment of the night had to be this one featuring Darth Vader, and what can only be the result of a new “don't ask, don't tell” policy in the Imperial Army...