New nonsense!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated, but here’s two things I recently cooked up.

First, here’s my Fanvid from the Head Over Feels Fan Video Happy Hour which just took place at Gallifrey One in Los Angeles. I wasn’t able to attend due to my ongoing COVID anxiety but I was able to contribute this video to those who were there.

And here’s a little sketch thing starring everyone’s favorite Toydarian, Watto of Tatooine. I shot a couple of these so one more is on the way and I’ll keep making them until I run out of Halloween masks, probably.

Broton, the Middle Management Zygon!

Years ago I told fellow RFSian Steven Schapansky about my idea for Broton: Middle Management Zygon, the tale of a harried executive and the nightmare company he works for, in action dolly form. Years later I’ve finally put together first episde, which you can watch below!

New nonsense!

It’s been a while (and a pandemic) since I’ve posted much of anything on here. I figured I might as well show some of the short and silly things I’ve been doing in the past year. These are from most to least recent, I think.

First up, here’s the adventures of Tony & Steve: Time Jerks, two belligerent universe-hopping versions of Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers as they wreak havoc across the time-space continuum…

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Uncanny TV pilot

A while back Uncanny Magazine filmed a pilot for Uncanny TV, a geek-focused talk show featuring hosts Michi Trota and Matt Peters and guests Keisha Howard, Daniel Jun Kim and musical guest Dawn Xiana Moon. I cut it together and you can watch it above!

What I’m reading: July 2019

I haven’t posted here for a long time for a bunch of reasons, including being busy at work, not having much to say, and blathering on social media. But I’m going to try to get back into it, mostly with random thoughts on goings-on and updates on pop culture. The Current Situation is draining enough via breaking news and the latest outrage without me adding my two cents (note: I may do so anyway from time to time).

I mentioned social media…in the last few years it’s gone from a fun place to dash off nonsense to a fevered swamp of villainy, both in terms of users and the companies running said platforms. So while I’ll still dash off the odd jape and I continue to feed Bookshelf Doctors comics to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram just for the hell of it, there’s something to be said for longer-form stuff on a site I actually own and control.

With that, here’s a list of the stuff I’m reading right now. Gripping!

The Outside: Canadian computer scientist and author Ada Hoffman’s story of an autistic scientist in the far future who gets thrust into a crisis involving AI gods and android angels, a possibly insane mentor and definitely unbalanced ancient horrors that defy physics. Good times!

Helter Skelter: Just saw Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and Tarantino’s usual shoddy disregard for history made me decide to pick up Bugliosi’s tome about the Manson Murders. It doesn’t hurt that I’m also reading his Four Days in November, an excellent chronicle of how the Kennedy assassination unfolding by the minute.

Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History: A sumptuous and from what I can tell comprehensive overview of the art created for and inspired by the popular RPG, along with reams of behind the scenes history and lore. I’ve been playing the game for the last year or so and it’s a really fun way to not only relax but also create worlds of your own with immediate feedback.

Da, Comrade.

Traffic in a developing country is astounding and terrifying in equal measure. I saw this first-hand in Cairo in 2008, when I took a cab ride from Giza to the downtown area. For the first ten minutes, as ramshackle Peugots whizzed within an inch of my ride, I was a white-knuckled mess, cringing as every vehicle scraped by at top speed.

But at minute 11, my body just gave up. I involuntarily relaxed and numbly took in the spectacle in front of me, because I had no choice. I wish my brain would do that right now.

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Well, this sucks (2016 edition)

Originally I had a half-formed blog post looking back at election night. I picked away at it and couldn’t quite wrap my head around this disastrous calamity, and frankly I’m still not entirely convinced it’s real (or at leas that’s my waking thought each morning before grim reality sets in). But I figured I had to write something.

It’s been a few weeks, but Trump’s incoming administration is already a contradictory shitshow. I’m starting to think this is the New Abnormal: pointless lurching from policy to policy with no rhyme or reason, and the only theme tying it all together is existential danger.

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Trailer Hate: Deepwater Horizon

America, I get it. You’re hard up for heroes in an election year when your choices are The Nineties: Part 2 and a racist pomegranate. But seriously, these clowns on an oil rig ain’t it.

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An Adventure in UK Space and Linear Time: Part II!

(You can check out Part I here.)

When Steven, Erika and I discovered we had enough money from our Patreon supporters to head over to the UK, one of the first things on our agenda was to film a video to tie into the opening of our (then) upcoming live show at Gallifrey One. Steven spent a productive day at work cooking up the story, the inestimable Simon Harries volunteered to shoot and direct, and I steeled myself for some serious editing time once I’d returned to Canada. But first, the shooting!

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An Adventure in UK Space and Linear Time, Part 1

What have I been up to for the past few months? Quite a bit, actually. In November I went to the UK for the first time, which has been a lifelong ambition. I’ve always wanted to visit New York, Tokyo and London…and now all three can be checked off the list. In fact, I managed to pack New York into my UK trip on the way back…but more of that later.

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