The trouble with Star Trek

kirk-khan-shoutStar Trek is sick, and the cure for what ails it isn’t another bombastic brofest.

Allow me to explain. Though I’m best known as a Doctor Who nerd, my first introduction to science fiction in a visual medium was Star Trek. As a six-year old in the mid-70s I was intrigued by the colorful costumes and derring-do of the original series, and I never really lost that interest until the series started hitting the dirt around the mid-point of Voyager.

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Broken Pencil hits 20 years

issue60_coverBroken Pencil has been the most visible guide to alternative culture in Canada for the last 20 years. It’s interesting that it while it came of age in the nascent days of the Internet, when just getting on a computer network required money and some degree of technical savvy, it survived the later proliferation of digital media through sheer bloody-mindedness.

Now, 20 years into its mission, Broken Pencil founder Hal Niedzviecki is the subject of an interview in the Toronto Star about zines, zine-making and the shift back to paper for today’s creatives.
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Cool words from Robin Bougie of Cinema Sewer and others

Over the past couple of years I’ve been drifting away from film and more towards words and pictures in the form of novels and comic books. My creative process has followed this path as well, with more interest in writing short stories and comics, and even trying my hand at drawing, to mixed results.

One of the keys to procrastination (which is a constant whatever the medium you’re working in) is looking for inspiration on the internet, and the first such quote comes from Robin Bougie, the guy behind the Cinema Sewer zine (made here in Vancouver, don’t click the link if bewbs offend you.)

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Vancouver Comic Jam!

Rather than stare at my computer on a Saturday night, as per usual, I made my way out to Main St last weekend and took part in the Vancouver Comic Jam, which is a cool sit-down involving drawing a panel of a one page comic and passing it on to the rest of the group to finish. As you might imagine, the results can be odd, funny or both. Check out this month’s drawings and see if you can pick out my infantile doodlings!


Had some weird stuff happen with the blog. Hackers tossing spam into the world, apparently by hiding in the theme of the site. So I had to change the theme around to hopefully flush their vile scripts into hell, hence the (temporary?) new look.