October 3, 2007

Jim Munroe's "Infest Wisely" interview at the Vancity Theatre

Author and filmmaker Jim Munroe was in Vancouver on September 23rd for Vidfest, a digital/new media conference. He was here to show Infest Wisely, a "lo fi sci fi" movie that replaces expensive special effects with ideas, and yelling crew members with collaboration between seven teams to create one feature film. On a personal note, I tried to cut this with Final Cut Pro at first, but then I realized I was unnecessarily adding B-Roll and other holdovers from my TV editing days, when all anyone really wants is to hear what Jim has to say. So I dipped into iMovie and got this video done in about an hour. While I'm going to stick with FCP for documentaries and shorts, iMovie would seem to be the way to go for fast videoblogging.

In fact, TV snobbery has kept me from iMovie and other simple tools for a long time. After working in television, you tend to look down upon those using "non-broadcast" equipment and just putting stuff out on the Web for all to consume. But really, while you're tut-tutting and trying to maintain a sheen of "pro," everyone else is just getting things done. And the internet as a video medium seems to discourage overly-fancy graphics and cutting. If you're watching a short or documentary online, that's it's own thing, but video podcasts are often at their best if they present a simple idea, minimally executed. So I'm going to ditch the iMovie snobbery and hopefully start cranking out video at a fairly steady clip, possibly with an eye to finally making use of my domain.

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