Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Egypt diary, part the second


After a week of very, very sporadic internet access, Mel and I finished up our tour of Egypt. We started our tour with a group of really cool Americans and were able to take in the Egyptian Museum (home of King Tut’s treasures, assorted mummies and untold other ancient artifacts), as well as the Pyramids and the Sphinx. We took an overnight train to Aswan, which was a bit of an ordeal. Even though we were in the best sleeper train, it was still a faded, Soviet-era hulk where they served mystery meat for dinner. Aswan, however, made up for the trip. Not only was it a beautiful resort town on the Nile, it was also close to Abu Simbel, one of the most breathtaking of Egypt’s ancient temples. We spent New Year’s Eve lounging around on a felluca, a traditional Egyptian boat, and saw the new year in with Nubian villagers.

After Aswan, we checked out Luxor, with forays into the Valley of the Kings, and a trip to the cheesy but still sorta cool sound and light show at Karnak.

Now we’re holed up in a nice hotel, with somewhat less sporadic (but expensive, so we’ll be rationing) internet access. We get home on the 7th, with a hellish plane trip back to Vancouver, and we’re taking it easy up until then.   

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jabberwocky says:

Oh, come now Warren how do we know that you are the warren of old and have not been taken over by Sutekh returning to Canada to build a pyramid rocket to be sent to Mars to free Sutekh?

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