Sunday, November 11th, 2007

Radio Free Skaro #58 – Live from Edmonton (well, sorta)!


Yes, for only the second time in Radio Free Skaro history, two of the hosts of the show were in the same place at the same time, huddled around a single computer in Edmonton. Of course, with the inclusion of the Third Guy, we still used the invisible tethers of the Internet to connect to London, and those tethers eventually snapped, leaving him relaying his messages to us via telegraph and carrier pigeon for the final minutes of the show. But despite the technical difficulties of both this week and last, we pressed on, bringing you a bumper crop of news, sarcasm and a few selections from the Series 3 soundtrack for your listening pleasure. (feed, web, direct download)

Warren Frey is a journalist, freelance writer, podcaster, video producer, and all-around media consultant currently based in Vancouver, Canada. His written work has appeared in such publications as Metro Vancouver, the Westender, Mac | Life and the Japan Times.

10 Responses to “ Radio Free Skaro #58 – Live from Edmonton (well, sorta)! ”

jabberwocky says:

Well opening theme, of Doctor Who with a feel of Hawaii 5 ‘O.
Warp one is no more well thats amazing. 🙂

jabberwocky says:

So in terms of DW, Warren is Victoria. who goes around running and screaming from the yeti, Steven is Jamie asking the Doctor this, that and going on “Not again Doctor” Then finally we come to Chris who is the Doctor for the the podcast.
Quite liked that closing bit of music.

freyburg says:

I’m not quite sure how to respond to that! (runs away screaming in Victoriab petticoats…)

I am Steven says:

Och aye! Look at the size of that thing!

Chris Burgess says:

Two malls in China are larger than WEM. One opened in 2004, the other in 2005.

Jean-Paul Samson says:

Don’t feel so bad that Clayton wouldn’t make you his friend on Facebook, Third Guy. You probably just weren’t quite gay enough for him! (Can we make this saying the Doctor Who equivalent of Sex and the City’s “He’s just not that into you.”)

Chris Burgess says:

So instead of a Third Guy, maybe he’s looking for a tripod… a guy with a third… oh wait, that’s probably insensitive of me. I’ll stop there.

Someone had mentioned Hickman was at the October gathering as well, so it’s certainly possible he’ll be at the December one. I might just have to give him the cold shoulder if I see him there. That’ll teach him!

Jean-Paul Samson says:

You were wondering what happened to the new commentary track for “Last of the Time Lords” on the North American Series 3 boxset? Here’s the official line from the BBC:

Unfortunately, though we make every effort to offer identical content in our Doctor Who releases to every territory, the original commentary track for Series 3, Episode 13 featuring David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and John Barrowman could not be cleared for the North American DVD. We acknowledge that the booklet accompanying it has the incorrect credits and they should read Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson. The booklet will be corrected as soon as possible.


One conjecture I heard was that John Barrowman actually breaks into song during the commentary, and the rights could not be cleared for using that tune outside of the U.K.

Chris Burgess says:

Hmm… gay agenda?

I Am Steven says:

It’s a damn shame, really, as the commentary is a hoot.

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