Monday, July 7th, 2008

Radio Free Skaro #90 – Journey’s Meh


After last week’s mind-melting funfest, things could only go downhill…and they did! The Three Who Rule were unsparing in their criticism of a finale episode that had its moments but seriously underwhelmed. Still, that didn’t stop Warren, Steven and Chris from staying mostly on topic and ranting about what will be the last bit of new Who for quite some time. Next week, a Black Orchid commentary, take it or leave it!

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9 Responses to “ Radio Free Skaro #90 – Journey’s Meh ”

jabberwocky says:

I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but I have to say I enjoyed the episode up until the dealt with Donna’s leaving of the show. I saw it as anti-climatic to the n th degree. and the whole Key thing please didn’t I see that on a twilight episode. I certainly hope that the gap year movies are better done.

I am Steven says:

I think the Donna bit was probably what we enjoyed most!

muvar says:

agreed…..the Donna bit was the best part.

jabberwocky says:

Yeah her character was getting better as the year progressed. and in this last episode she started to truly shine. I was listening to another podcast and they started to talk about DW and they were saying how much they were not getting into the whole Donna character. I think they are going to have to eat their words with this last episode.

Warren says:

Listening to another Doctor Who podcast? HOW DARE YOU!?! Unless its Tachyon TV of course….:)

Mike says:

I really am sad that Donna’s adventures ended the way that it did. I thought Catherine Tate was brilliant and Donna had developed into an excellent companion for the Doctor. The ending was the toughest part of the episode for me even as I watched it a second time and then watched Confidential with Catherine’s last day on set. I was really hoping that the Commentary was going to be David and Catherine instead of Julie and Phil (I haven’t listened to it yet for that very reason). The scene in the TARDIS with all the companions I thought was a nice treat too with the camera angles, music, and general enjoyment that was evident with everyone who was there.

Harvey says:

The Doctor/Donna bit was what jumped the space-shark for me. The rest of the episode I enjoyed, but that just overextended my disbelief quota.

Also, did anyone else notice that they didn’t rescue the humans taken to the Crucible? Thousands of captured humans died when it went boom.

Now to find a sound file of the German Dalek, and use that as a ring tone. 🙂

Warren says:

First off, “disbelief quota” is an awesome term and I’m going to shoehorn it inappropriately whenever possible into everyday conversation.

Second, what was the deal with rounding up all the humans? All they needed were 20 Londoners to test out the Reality Bomb (or as Steven said “REALLLITY BOOOMMMBBB”) to see that yes, it does sodomize your atoms, before they ordered the destruction of the universe.

I Am Steven says:

Yeah, but then, the Daleks didn’t need to climb 498 floors to slaughter poor Lynda-with-a-Y, either.

Daleks=ruthless bastards.

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