Friday, September 7th, 2007

The Lab with Leo party at the Alibi Room


Last night I had a chance to finally meet Leo Laporte at a party at the Alibi Room commemorating 100 episodes of “The Lab with Leo” on TechTV Canada. I was a bit of a dilettante viewer in the glory days of the now-defunct TechTV, but once Leo started the TWIT podcast network, I quickly became a huge fan of his work, especially This Week in Tech and Macbreak Weekly. It was nice to tell him his efforts inspired me to start Radio Free Skaro, which Steven and I had discussed but never really gotten around to doing for a full year before we started (which makes it doubly strange that we’re closing in on our 50th episode next week.)

I also got to meet Victor Lucas, who created the Electric Playground and who is the driving force behind The Lab with Leo. I spent many a Saturday morning watching what at the time was the only show about video games worth a damn (the 1up Show and their various audio podcasts being worthy contenders nowadays), so it was neat to thank the guy for his efforts.

I didn’t bring a camera, but others took my picture, so I’ll post those later. Meantime, here’s some thoughts from other people at the party.

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