Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Broken Pencil hits 20 years

by Warren

issue60_coverBroken Pencil has been the most visible guide to alternative culture in Canada for the last 20 years. It’s interesting that it while it came of age in the nascent days of the Internet, when just getting on a computer network required money and some degree of technical savvy, it survived the later proliferation of digital media through sheer bloody-mindedness.

Now, 20 years into its mission, Broken Pencil founder Hal Niedzviecki is the subject of an interview in the Toronto Star about zines, zine-making and the shift back to paper for today’s creatives.

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Otaku no Video!

by Warren

Confession time: I was an anime fan in the early 90s. Back then it was tough to find anime, and watching the stuff was difficult, with 4th generation fansubbed VHS tapes regarded as a major find. Anime was a predominantly male (and Asian) hobby at the time, something that has massively shifted over the last two decades.


Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Video Free Skaro 012: Critical Hits and Pint-Sized Brits

by Warren

A very special guest host takes the reigns on this week’s Video Free Skaro, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy his sardonic take on all things Whovian. But the main event is the Critical Hit show, a blending of improv and Dungeons and Dragons hosted by the inestimable Eric Fell, star of Blue Meanie and Skaromantic Comedy. Join Eric as he and his merry band of comedians vanquish monsters and concoct shenanigans under the lights of the Rio Theatre in Vancouver!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Hey! with Dane Golden starring Freyburg

by Warren

This Monday I appeared on Hey! with Dane Golden. I met Dane in 2008 at Macworld, and then again when he came up to help with a “Lab with Leo Laporte” shoot. Dane went on to help Leo form TWIT, and worked as president of the TWIT Network until this year.

Dane’s now concentrating on HEY!, his new interview show. Usually it consists of both video and audio, but technical difficulties meant my wordsmithing will have to be listened to and not witnessed in the full audiovisual glory that is the Tokyo Hacker Space. Anyway, give it a listen and feel free to comment below or at