Monday, November 26th, 2007

Canada sees tentative wireless rate changes


Canada is well known as one of the most expensive places on the planet to use your cellphone, particularly if you want to get on the internet or perform other data-ntensive tasks. But there’s finally a hint of progress in the air, with Telus and Bell changing their data rate plans in anticipation of competition with the iPhone, which can only be carried on Rogers thanks to its use of the GSM band.

There’s also a low-priced iPhone competitor on the way in the form of the HTC Touch, which probably isn’t quite as good as Apple’s device, but at $99 is considerably cheaper.

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One Response to “ Canada sees tentative wireless rate changes ”

Cam says:

It’s based on Windows Mobile so the interface won’t be as good, but the HTC “Touch Flow” interface looks a little sweeter than normal Windows Mobile.

It’s also better than the iPhone in a couple ways; one, you can use Bluetooth stereo headphones with it — the iPhone won’t pair with any A2DP devices at the moment. (This could change — Leopard on Macs is supporting A2DP albeit shakily so they might update the iPhone’s version of OS X at some point)

Also, I believe Windows Mobile places no restriction on uploading apps to the phone so you can pretty much load in anything you can find without having the crack the thing… honestly if I got an iPhone I’d jailbreak it the first day, anyway, but still…

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