Thursday, August 27th, 2009

A look at the new Sony E-Readers


In my capacity as a tech reporter for, sometimes I get to check out some neat new tech, like these Sony E-Readers (the Reader Touch and Reader Pocket, in point of fact.) They don’t have a wifi or 3g connection, but they can read any format and can “borrow” e-books from the library.

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3 Responses to “ A look at the new Sony E-Readers ”

Cam C. says:

I don’t buy the lack of network capabilities as being a “feature”; I can see these devices being nice for textbooks but I love being able to grab anything I feel like reading into my iPhone… sure it’s not as comfortable a reading device but lately I’ve been reading a lot of novels (as mentioned in the video, classic English literature is public domain and free — there’s piles of great stuff available) and Stanza has been performing admirably.

Cam C. says:

I should add that what I love about the iPhone as a reading device is anywhere and any time you have 5-10 minutes of idle time you can grab an RSS feed, book, or anything else you feel like looking at. (Wikipedia in particular comes to mind; if I’m buying a reading device I want access to Wikipedia bare minimum…)

Warren says:

I’d definitely agree about the wireless/3G. THey should have at least included wifi, but the lack of 3G probably has more to do with our useless wireless industry than it does Sony, given that models in the US do have that option.

I also agree about Stanza and the iPhone. Once you get used to it, it’s a great way to carry an entire library in your pocket. Sure, I love reading “real” books, but e-books sort of fill in the gaps.

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