Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

America falls out of love with the Clintons


Not that I ever trusted Billy anyway, especially amongst the womenfolk, but it’s interesting to see how the conquering hero of the Democrats has sunk a few pegs due to the (shock! horror!) tendency of the Clintons to play dirty in order to get re-elected.

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2 Responses to “ America falls out of love with the Clintons ”

Matthew says:

“I’d vote for the Devil over Bill Clinton … Well, maybe not quite THAT far!” – Southerner I met at a Husky Truck Stop.

“Bill Clinton’s involved in all kinds of Drugs and Murder!” – Same guy as the other quote.

Warren Frey says:

Comedy gold! I once had a protracted argument in Osoyoos right after the 2004 election with a big-haired American lady about WMDs in Iraq, or the lack thereof. She was in town picking up cheap medicine, though of course we’re all socialists. 🙂

Having said all that, I’ve got quite a few American friends who are pretty damned liberal, both living here and in Seattle and NY. So I probably sholdn’t stereotype with such a wide brush (despite how fun it is..)

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