Tuesday, January 18th, 2005

Amiga seeks brraaaaaiiiinnnnnnsssssss….


Amiga will never die. No matter how many times the long-suffering computer is pronounced kaput at the hand of a new batch of incompetent investors, somebody always comes along and says “No, this time for sure.” It never amounts to anything, other than making the Amiga faithful scream and writhe in pain, but apparently it’s happening again.

Personally, I’m surprised the true believers haven’t just created their own Amiga-like operating system, or diddled around with Linux to create something they could run on any old hardware. Plus, the last time the Amiga was innovative was the early 90’s. To be fair, at that time the Video Toaster and Lightwave were revolutionary products, but you can pretty much do anything the Toaster could do nowadays with a copy of iMovie.

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