Monday, May 7th, 2007

Anti-cycling commuter rant in the Vancouver Province


I’m not as militant as some of my friends when it comes to cycling in the Lower Mainland, but this screed in the Vancouver Province attacking cycling to work is just plain wrong. Though I haven’t biked to work in a while due to rain and laziness, I’ve made the trek from Yaletown to Burnaby on a day in, day out basis and thanks to a decent network of cycling paths, it’s a safe, healthy way to get from point A to point B. It’s nowhere near as dangerous as the columnist makes it out to be, provided the cyclist isn’t a complete idiot, obeys traffic laws and wears a helmet. While I’m certainly not advocating getting rid of cars and forcing everyone to cycle everywhere, as the more patchoulli-scented bike activists are sometimes wont to do, this article does the same thing in reverse.

Warren Frey is a journalist, freelance writer, podcaster, video producer, and all-around media consultant currently based in Vancouver, Canada. His written work has appeared in such publications as Metro Vancouver, the Westender, Mac | Life and the Japan Times.

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