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Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Joey DeVilla gets sworn in at Microsoft Tech Days

by Warren

In addition to running around filming the day’s events at Microsoft Tech Days, I also had a chance to film a swearing in ceremony for Joey Devilla, who just finished his probationary period at Microsoft, and is now in his words a “Sith Lord.”

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008


by Cam Cavers

Friday night… an edgy East Vancouver club/gallery/skatepark… after the DJ finishes a two-hour set, the crowd of hipsters eagerly awaits Vancouver’s own faux-Brit powerpop punk bad The Tranzmitors’ live show… and pockets of Internet geeks nervously eye the crowd while checking out… the Microsoft Zune?

If it sounds like a strange scene for a Microsoft product launch, it was indeed, but then, the Zune is an odd product, a hardware device from a (mainly) software company, with hobbled wifi (for limited file sharing only!) and DRM incompatibility with Microsoft’s own PlaysForSure standard for music players.


Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Windows is collapsing! Run!

by Warren

According to a couple of financial analysts, Windows is collapsing under its own weight and may no longer be a viable platform. As a Mac guy, I regard this as fine news, though analysts say a lot of things that don’t actually pan out.