Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Cool trailer roundup!


Ok, time for some trailer-y goodness to keep you all entertained at the airport while you fly back home to wherever for the holidays. First up, the new trailer for 300, a movie about a handful of Spartans (300 of them, not a real shock given the title) who hold back a good portion of the Persian Empire. The film is based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel, and like Sin City, uses human actors and not much else that isn’t digital to create a world reflective of Miller’s art.

Other trailer ephemera….a teaser for Ocean’s 13, which actually looks pretty funny, and a trailer for Grindhouse, the Rodriguez/Tarantino tribute to ’70’s cheeseball cinema. I like the trailer, but these two have been pretty lukewarm in my books for their last few films, so…meh. Still, Kurt Russell and Jeff Fahey being badasses….I’m up for that.

Also, I don’t much care about it, but apparently there’s a Transformers trailer out.

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