Thursday, April 12th, 2007

E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed JFK confession


Dunno how much stock I put in this deathbed confession by noted villain E Howard Hunt, though I’ve always felt there was a little more to the Kennedy assassination than we’ve actually been told. Of course, Hunt could have been delusional, and his son, who is currently schlepping this story around, is noted to have been a long-time drug addict, so….your mileage may vary.

When it comes to conspiracy theories, my barometer is “could this be pulled off, why would they do it, and does the evidence point to it having happened?” In the case of JFK, there are so many holes in the Warren report, odd coincidences and overall “sumthin’ ain’t right” that it begs further investigation. But there are other events where conspiracy theorists seem to be shaping the facts and events to fit their theory, with “9/11 was an inside job” being a notable example. And if you want way, way out there speculation, how about the claim that the US military used a neutron bomb on the Baghdad airport? Riiiiiigggght.

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