Wednesday, May 18th, 2005

E3 console insanity!


The console wars are heating up something fierce, with each of the Big Three announcing their new and shiny hardware this week at E3. The Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 both look impressive, and Nintendo’s new “Revolution” console probably has a few tricks up its sleeve.

I’m torn as to which beast I’ll eventually break down and get. The PS3 has (no surprise) a far superior line-up of launch titles, but all the good stuff eventually slums its way to the Xbox. And one of the reasons (in fact, probably the main one) I got an Xbox in the first place is because it whups the Playstation hard for first person shooter games, my particular gaming weakness. I can’t see that changing with this new generation of consoles.

I also got the Xbox with the intention of modding it into a media centre, but the impulse to tinker is slowly being replaced as I age with outright laziness, and the Xbox may end up just being a video game console.

And before I forget, Nintendo also announced the Game Boy Micro, a tiny version (more or less) of the Game Boy Advance SP. I’ve got an Advance, and it’s a great little rig for retro-gaming. I’d probably be sorely tempted to pick up the Micro for travelling, provided the price is right.

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