Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Even more about the fall of Hollywood


This “Hollywood sucks and here’s why” thing just keeps going, though quite frankly I’m not sure the movies are any worse than the usual crop of crap. In fact, if you’re into the nerdy stuff, the last few years have been stupendous, what with X-Men, the Spiderman films, ROTS and of course the triumph of the Lord of the Rings (and let’s not forget the upcoming Superman movie, which actually looks pretty promising).

I’d agree with critics that films for adults with something more complicated than “and then the car explodes” are few and far between, but it’s like the stock market. Sooner or later it’ll correct itself, or we’ll all end up watching Bollywood dance extravaganzas.

At any rate, here’s a decent interview with film expert David Thompson with his take on the current slump.

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