Wednesday, August 25th, 2004

Foreign Affairs is one of


Foreign Affairs is one of those grey, thick magazine-ish tomes that inexplicably show up on the shelves of Shoppers Drug Mart every once in a while, chock full of insightful analysis and not much in the way of star profiles and pictures of Brad Pitt.

Another great thing about them is their tendency to fire major articles onto their website. As you can well imagine, Osoyoos isn’t a hotbed of foreign policy debate. I’ve even been criticized for putting “that political stuff” in my columns (though by a few people in town, not my employers). There’s also a group of expat Brits who are cool as ice with my mumblings on current events, so it’s not a total loss.

Anyway, the point I’m meandering towards is this great story about why Iraq’s occupation has been a dismal failure.

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