Friday, May 5th, 2006

Freyburg finally succumbs to World of Warcraft


I’ve resisted for what seems like years, but I finally succumbed and installed World of Warcraft on the Powerbook. I did so for several reasons….for one thing, it’s pretty much the most popular and one of the best games out there. For another, once the girlfriend and I finished Half Life 2, we wanted a new and different challenge, and WoW doesn’t really ever end, so it’ll keep us occupied for quite some time. Plus we wanted a game that each of us could watch the other play without getting bored.
It also gives my ol’ G4 Mac a new lease on life….instead of going out and getting an Xbox 360 and the HDTV to go with it, I just plop down in front of my laptop and slay me some orcs, which is quite a bit of money saved. And we can take the game anywhere, which is pretty sweet.

So now I’m wondering who amongst my fine readers plays the game, and how I go about setting you up as in-game friends. Our character is a level 3 (yes, I know, N00B, but I just installed it yesterday, and we’re busy killing wolves and such) dwarf named Monalingus (heh). Dunno what realm we’re on, I’d have to check. BTW, the game itself rocks, Mel referred to it yesterday as “ten kinds of awesome.”

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