Saturday, December 4th, 2004

Globe and Mail good/bad columns


There’s a real good column in this Saturday’s Globe and Mail by Christie Blatchford about what a complete and total crock the “Greatest Canadian” contest was. The Grope and Flail recently went to a subscription model, which (from what I can tell) requires me to actually subscribe to the dead tree edition before being able to read the same stuff electronically. That’s double plus ungood, in my books. However, being an utter cleverboots, I’ve found the article for you anyway.

The other article, which isn’t online, is by clueless dorkette Leah Mclaren. It can be boiled down to “I was very popular and cool in high school, and at my reunion all the cool and popular people were still doing great. I’m awesome, by the way. Nerds suck.”
Urrgh. McLaren makes me want to puke, or more appropriately, lob my old Apple IIgs at her. I’m sure I’m not the only journalist putting their time in at a small town paper and wondering just what (or who) Leah did to get that gig. Oh yeah, the fact her mother is an editor at the paper might have had something to do with it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go sharpen my guns. I am from Alberta, after all.

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