Friday, January 23rd, 2004

Got the Primus box today,


Got the Primus box today, and it works just fine. Except that I think Telus has some nefarious blocking going on, since I got a busy signal on my parents regular phone and both cell phones (all Telus). When I call them on my Telus cell, I get through fine. Other Telus phones are A-OK, though.

There’s a new website called Wonkette that just started up today. It’s based on ripping into Washington politics and making fun of all the nimrods in D.C. It’s also a part of the flourishing blogging empire that brings you such fine sites as the nasty (and very funny) New York gossip site Gawker, the nerd engine known as Gizmodo, and a little porn celebration called Fleshbot. That last one probably isn’t safe to check out at work.

Update: This cat is the guy behind all those fine websites.

Further update: To fix the blocking problem, have the person on the other end call your phone. Then you can call them back with no problems. I don’t know why it works, but it does.

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