Saturday, October 6th, 2007

Site Upgrade Underway


Thanks to a timely database failure, we’ve finally gotten around to moving this blog from Movable Type to WordPress.

As the whole thing happened rather suddenly, our new look and feel for this site wasn’t quite ready to go, but we’ve added some of the ideas we were playing with (wider columns and no left-side bar) to an updated version of our old template.

As soon as we recover our old database we’ll be converting the old archives to work with this site, but stay tuned in the mean time we’ll be adding some new features as well to distract create a better user experience for you. (For all the Doctor Who fans out there, Radio Free Skaro will continue unabated on its regular schedule!)

One Response to “ Site Upgrade Underway ”

Cam says:

I should mention that another added feature will be occasional guest posts by me, Steven, Chris, and a few other of Freyburg’s circle, as the new blog allows us to have multiple authors posting with editorial control resting in Warren’s capable hands!

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