Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Helmetless cyclists….a public menace!?!


That’s the opinion of Vancouver’s City Council, which has just released a survey on various hazards around and about Vancouver, including (laughably) cyclists not wearing a helmet. While I think it’s dumb to get on your bike without head protection, it certainly isn’t on par with smoking crack, committing property crime, or oh, I don’t know, driving your SUV in a reckless manner that endangers other drivers, pedestrians, and yes, cyclists.

But my ranting is strictly amateur hour compared to my hardcore cyclist friend Jen, who is guest posting her opinion on this latest bit of bike-hating nonsense from Vancouver’s enlightened despot rulers. Jen’s rant begins….

I can not believe that “cyclists not wearing helmets” is listed as a public disorder item! Who designed this survey? How could this possibly be on a list that includes open drug use and aggressive panhandling? It is difficult for me to even take this seriously – or the current council if they were involved in this survey design.

Warren Frey is a journalist, freelance writer, podcaster, video producer, and all-around media consultant currently based in Vancouver, Canada. His written work has appeared in such publications as Metro Vancouver, the Westender, Mac | Life and the Japan Times.

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