Monday, April 19th, 2004

It’s official; Persona is the


It’s official; Persona is the WORST ISP I’VE EVER DEALT WITH. These guys are worse than Telus, or Shaw. 18 days into the month, and they’ve already capped me. And I’ve been careful…I’ve only downloaded a couple of tv shows, which shouldn’t tip the scales. What’s the point of high speed internet if I can’t grab big files, listen to streaming audio or use my VOIP phone? Much as I hate Telus, I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and sign up for their service. The idiotic thing with their service is that I HAVE to have a phone if I want ADSL. Even though I already have a VOIP phone which suits my needs just fine. I’d cancel my cell phone, but when I travel it’s pretty damned useful. On the other hand, even with the required phone, ADSL is only $10 more than the Persona service.

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