Sunday, April 4th, 2004

I’ve been compiling a glossary


I’ve been compiling a glossary and guide in my head to the Crowsnest Pass, now that I’m settled somewhere else. So for your erudition and entertainment, here’s my walkthrough to the CNP.

Best place to eat: Bistro on Main….yummy, relatively cheap food. Second best, Moose Mountain Grill.
Best place to drink: The Greenhill. Grungy small town bar, but cozy and full of friendly rebrobates, including a couple of town councillors. 🙂
Best place to see movies: your computer. Grab ’em off the net, because the sound at the Orpheum (the only theatre in town) is absolutely terrible.
Worst place to drink: The Cosmopolitan. Also known as the “let’s go fight” bar.
cool tourist places: The Frank Slide Interpretative Centre. Them rocks is impressive.
best winter activity: Though I’ve only done it once, ice-fishing was pretty cool. If you’re into snowmobiling it’s apparently a mecca for such things, though I have no interest in it myself.
best summer activity: though I didn’t get to see it, Thunder in the Valley (a big fireworks display) is apparently very very cool.
Bushtown: the Compton of the CNP.
Grand Union: A bar where Bushtown residents congregate. Though apparently back in the day it was the hopping place in town.


“Give’r”: said like in FUBAR.
“A lot of people were yelling stuff….”: a catch-all phrase in response to a question.
“That’s just crazy talk. You mean my brother? He’s in the parking lot.”: My editor’s response to my hackneyed cliche-ridden conversation pieces.
The Hilton: slang for the Greenhill.
The Cos: Slang for the Cosmopolitan.
slednecks: slang for snowmobile enthusiasts.
cremepatorium: it’s a long story, so don’t ask. 🙂

I’ve run out, so all you CNPers, throw some more stuff in the discussion board!

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