Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Kiss slags Radiohead for giving away music


Well, thanks, Gene Simmons, now we have a terrible TV show AND your idiocy and ignorance regarding the digital age with which to mock you. Apparently, according to Gene, the music industry is dead and it’s all the fault of the fans. It couldn’t possibly be that the old model Kiss rode to fame and fortune on isn’t valid anymore, or that maybe nobody wants music from a bunch of aging rock-dorks. No sir, couldn’t be that at all.

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3 Responses to “ Kiss slags Radiohead for giving away music ”

Louis says:

“nobody wants music from a bunch of aging rock-dorks”

What the…?

KISS are as popular today as ever. And don’t forget that in a couple of decade’s time Radiohead will also be “a bunch of aging rock-dorks”, yet somehow I think you’ll still be listening to them.

Warren says:

Maybe they are popular, but it sure isn’t with the group of people who 20 years from now will still be downloading music. And for all of Gene Simmons complaining, that’s how his music will get sold too. As for Radiohead, they’ve got more experimentation and innovation in their little fingers than KISS has had over three decades, and hopefully they’ll continue to be that way long after every Trans Am owning hair band devotee is dead and gone.

Mel says:

At least Radiohead attempts to create music thats a little more complex than 3 chords and a repeated lyric of “Lick It Up” or something similar.
If they will be “Aging Rock Dorks” in a few decades time, it will be because they are music nerds, not over-the-hill leather wearing douche bags trying to cash in on the STD epidemic known as the 1970’s.

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