Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

More Apple musings


First off, sorry for the dearth of posting lately. I’ve been sick with some sort of flu (I think it’s called the “you’re 35, dummy, you can’t stay out late and celebrate like you’re 20 anymore” flu) and I’ve been hitting the sack around 8 p.m. for the last four days, hence the sparse blogging.

Anyway, I’m on the mend, and I’ve got two good Apple related tidbits for y’all. The first is courtesy of the Cupertino Posse itself, a page detailing all the crazy things people are doing to their Mac Minis. And the second is an article from the NYT about how one man’s commute was transformed from drudgery to delight by the new iPod Video, a device I’ll have in my hot little hands tonight.

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