Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

NY, day 1 report


So our hotel room looks out on an alleyway, and we get no outside light. After collapsing in a heap the night before, we woke up at 10 a.m. convinced it was 5 a.m. That was one of the more surreal moments of the day, which consisted of us wandering around midtown Manhattan and checking out the sights. We went to the “Top of the Rock”, which is an observation deck on the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza (home of NBC) and offers an amazing view of Manhattan and beyond.

From there we wandered up Fifth Ave. and checked out F.A.O. Schwarz (meh) and Apple’s flagship store, where we had our first celebrity sighting as we witnessed Pat Sajak fiddling around with a Macbook. After walking back down Broadway we retired to the hotel room and then headed to the East Village to check out Otto’s Shrunken Head, a tiki bar recommended by a friend. It’s supposed to be a young people’s hangout, but last night was evidently rock n’ roll burnout night, since there were a lot of 40 and 50 year old gruff voiced, scene-weary fellas wandering around. Still a good time.

Today we’re headed to the World Trade Center site, and from there we’ll check out Lower Manhattan’s neighbourhoods.

Warren Frey is a journalist, freelance writer, podcaster, video producer, and all-around media consultant currently based in Vancouver, Canada. His written work has appeared in such publications as Metro Vancouver, the Westender, Mac | Life and the Japan Times.

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