Thursday, May 18th, 2006

Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center


The second 9/11 movie of the summer, World Trade Center, is due to hit theatres in August, and with no less than Oliver Stone (JFK, Nixon, Platoon, *cough*Alexander*cough*) at the helm. The trailer can be seen here. I’m a little conflicted…on the one hand, I agree that 9/11 is as legitimate an event to document through film as any other piece of history, and I’d rather see Ollie tackle it than say….Uwe Boll, but at the same time….yeesh. United 93 at least eschewed any moralizing, didn’t have any stars, and tried simply to recount what happened as it happened. Though by neccesity it had digital effects, it didn’t feel in the least bit slick. Having said that, I only needed to see it once….any more than that and I think you’re cheapening both the film and the event itself.

At any rate, I’ll probably succumb and see World Trade Center, simply because I’m partial to Oliver Stone, and it’s a subject of great interest to me. But I can see how a lot of people might not want to relive that day, especially in (from what I can see) a fairly Hollywoodized package.

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