Thursday, July 17th, 2008



Check it out before it gets pulled. I like everything about it except for the Smashing Pumpkins tune and the “300” style dark color correction…but it looks remarkably faithful to the book and thus is deemed geekgasmic.

UPDATE: Here’s the trailer, and for a glorious HD version, head to Quicktime….

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7 Responses to “ OMG WATCHMEN TRAILER! ”

jabberwocky says:

I know that you have been going ape over the trailer warren, but remember its a trailer not the movie itself.

Warren says:

Just to be “fair and balanced” (heh), here’s a pretty damned negative take on the movie from most of Metafilter:

Not that I agree with the cranky buggers, mind you….

lester says:

This is the same problem that confronted the “Iron Man” trailer:

jabberwocky says:

That is so true, I think you hit it right on the nail there lester. 🙂

jabberwocky says:

Went to the movies web site I have to say that I was completely disappointed with it. the only thing really there is the trailer and a few comments. there is no say information for whose in it, and no background on the characters. True anyone that has red eh graphic novel will know what’s going but still I was expecting more out of the web site.

morning gruel says:

Is it possible to feel like a loser for not being a geek? If so, that’s how I felt when I read ‘OMG Watchmen Trailer!’ and was left thinking, ‘What are Watchmen and what kind of trailer do they have?’ Then of course I watched the trailer and thought, ‘Why have I never heard of the Watchmen?’ and the answer had to be ‘because I’m not a geek… god, I’m such a loser!’

killahmullet says:

It looks like the Watchman drive a tricked out Airstream:

On the loser/geek issue, I feel for you. Everyone’s a cool-geek these days, even the hipsters are getting into it. However, they’re not going to admit seeing the movie for about 10 to 15 years when being a Watchmen fan will be very uncool.

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