Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Radio Free Skaro #119 – Fall Guys


The Three Who Rule had barely any news to discuss this week, but that didn’t stop them from talking about the upcoming Gallifrey convention in LA, mysterious destroyed buses in Dubai, and (of all things) 80’s Lee Majors vehicle “The Fall Guy.” You have been warned.

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One Response to “ Radio Free Skaro #119 – Fall Guys ”

jabberwocky says:

I think that the Bionic woman remake started to go wrong when they reshot the pilot changing a few of the characters like the sister.

The Fall Guy a classic TV series….

I think that they should carry Michelle Ryan character over to the new season. That way you have an established character.

I have watched the first 4 episodes. the American accent isn’t bad. The don’t capture the monsters they grade and kill them. Its not a bad series but I don’t think that it is a series that you want to have more than 6 episodes for each season if it gets more than this one season.

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