Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Radio Free Skaro #88 – Third (Guy) Left


Chris absconded to Las Vegas  this week for liquor, gambling, and other licentious pursuits, so it was left to the other two pillars of RFS to hold the fort, which they barely managed. The subject at hand? “Turn Left,’ which served as not only this season’s “Doctor Lite” episode but also as a fantastic return to the series for Billie Piper, not to mention a sterling performance by Catherine Tate. The usual digressions and drivel-making were of course present, but without our tall co-host’s derisive sneers and seething hate, it wasn’t quite the same.

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4 Responses to “ Radio Free Skaro #88 – Third (Guy) Left ”

jabberwocky says:

Z-Car is a British Cop series.

Yes Steven you will watch Life on Mars. We will make sure that you do.

I have to say that I also like the McCoy era of Doctor Who, Happiness Patrol included.

Chris Burgess says:

Mickey and Jackie are both seen in the clip from Journey’s End shown on Blue Peter yesterday (which has been posted to the Who blogosphere in the form of YouTube clips).

I dig that they used the music from the cinema trailer overtop the Bad Wolf signage scene, I love that cue. It was also in Series 3 but it sticks out in my mind more from the cinema trailer.

Turn Left was mostly meh, you guys definitely liked it more than I did. 3/5 at best in my books. Billie did a terrible job; the wrong accent was just so darned distracting I cringed every time she spoke after the first time. Tate’s performance was wonderful but didn’t make up for Piper’s slacking off. And my goodness what was up with that crappy beetle? Did they raid the Hartnell props locker to get something that banal and ugly?

Chris Burgess says:

Oh, and of course let us not forget the all-encompassing paradox of how if Donna turned right and never met The Doctor she’d not be with him on Planet Chinatown in order to turn right, so she would have turned left so she’d be with The Doctor on Planet Chinatown so she could turn right and not meet the Doctor and not wind up on Planet Chinatown and end up turning left so she’d hang with El Docco and make it to Planet Chinatown so she could change the past to turn right…

I Am Steven says:

Wibbly, wobbly, etc, etc

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