Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Revision3…whole lotta meh?


So Revision3, an Internet video production company, had a big re-launch party last night, touting their newly funded venture into creating a IPTV network of shows, and, presumably, a revamped website. I say presumably because even though the new and improved Revision3 is supposedly up and running, it’s the same old content on the site. Besides that..what’s new here? Other than the fact that the Digg founders (who did this before they created their excellent Slashdot killer) are behind it, and that it indicates the Web is moving towards on demand video (duh), I don’t see how this is worthy of the hype afforded it.

Same goes for the ScobleShow. Ex-Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble goes around and interviews a bunch of Silicon Valley types. Ok, great, and I may even watch it…but again, not worth a ton of fanfare. For all the hooplah, he isn’t doing anything a bunch of videobloggers aren’t doing, and with the same (or worse) production values (but with a nice HD camera, no denying that.)

This whole thing has the whiff of the days around it. Granted, these shows probably cost very little to put out, and the infrastructure is there for them, unlike the mid-90’s. And it’s good for people to get ahead of the pack and establish themselves, because eventually this IS the way you’ll get the bulk of your video content. But that doesn’t make these current efforts any less of a letdown.

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