Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Roger Ebert likes Watchmen


The reaction to Watchmen has been mixed amongst those who have seen the film, with a sharp division between geeks expressing adoration and film critics giving it a “glossy but meh.” But now Roger Ebert, who is about the only film critic I have any respect for, has given the film four stars (or “thumbs up”, for those of you who miss At the Movies.) I was a little worried that the story I’ve waited more than 20 years to see on the big screen would be a visually arresting failure, but Ebert’s endorsement is reassuring. I’ll know tomorrow, when I finally get a chance to see the film.

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3 Responses to “ Roger Ebert likes Watchmen ”

Cam says:

Sounds good; I saw someone reading the graphic novel at a coffee shop today and the first thought in my head was if the movie is a success, someday some kid is going to say “Hey, did you know they have a comic of the Watchmen movie?”

BTW, I added a link to Ebert’s review… apparently this here intarweb lets you do that now. 🙂

Warren Frey says:

Wonderful what the intarwebbe (that’s French, btw) can do nowadays!

Ken says:

300 looked good, but I couldn’t watch it – no storyline – so I’m suspicious.

The geeks will cheer Watchmen no matter what – the comic (sorry, graphic novel) is akin to LOR in their hearts and minds. LOR 1 and 3 were pretty damn good, but I’m not sure if Watchmen is going to measure up.

Ebert is Chicago-based. I don’t know of a lot of movies or films being made in that great city, so what does he know? The New York Post loves it, so I probably will too: It’s my go-to publication for reviews. New York, now that’s a city where the critic is king.

In the end, Watchmen going to do just fine at the box office, and in Hollywood, that’s all that matters.

BTW: who came up with this Tiny URL thing? It’s awesome.

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