Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

Sin City suprisingly decent…


…though it isn’t perfect. I’ve read a lot of Frank Miller’s stuff, including The Dark Knight Returns and Give Me Liberty, and liked most of it, though the less said about DK2 the better. At any rate, Robert Rodriguez tried to reproduce the feel of Miller’s hard-boiled Sin City comics on film, using digital cameras and a huge green screen set. And for the most part, he’s succeeded. The movie does feel like you’re watching a graphic novel, with just enough unreality to keep you entertained. The black and white, interspersed with bits of color and silhouette drawings, works pretty well.

But the best thing about the film was, surprisingly, Mickey Rourke. Slathered in latex makeup, he’s pretty much unrecognizable, but he’s great as Marv, a thug with a violent streak and a heart of gold. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he faces off against homicidal hobbit Elijah Wood in a sweet and very bloody battle.

Of course, the movie isn’t perfect….the various stories veer from cool to muddled, and the dialogue can be pretty Max Payne “”I was in a world of pain, with a blanket of bullets my only companion. That and the blood…the blood of a fallen city” occasionally. But it’s worth a look or two, if only to see what can be done on a low budget with new technology.

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