Tuesday, March 30th, 2004

So my Primus Talkbroadband phone


So my Primus Talkbroadband phone was acting weird for the last couple of days. At first, I thought my run of good luck was up and that I’d come down with a bad case of the Lillebuens. Turns out that Persona, the runky dink outfit that passes for cable internet and tv service in these parts, has a 10 gig cap. Since I foolishly downloaded 4 gigs (and apparently 6 gigs got siphoned off me), I was pretty much screwed. Luckily, everything gets reset at the beginning of the month, a mere two days away, so I won’t be hooped on the VOIP front for too much longer.

I don’t want to go to Telus, but at least their download limits are a lot higher. Plus, I’ll just rent DVDs and rip them. So thanks for nothing, Persona.

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