Saturday, October 16th, 2004

Sorry the posting was light


Sorry the posting was light (ie. non-existent) yesterday. I took off to Penticton last night to hang with Jeremy J. Nuttall and his crew of Port Moody Irregulars. We had a fine time, imbibing beverages and engaging in shenanigans. This morning, they decided they wanted to watch the Fog of War, one of the DVDs I brought along. I now officially have hope for the youth of tomorrow.

I also got to ride in a Smart car for the first time. It’s a really cool little vehicle, half the size of a compact car, but it feels very spacious inside. Only when you get out to you realize again how tiny it is. It also runs on $10 of diesel to get from Vancouver to Penticton. Now, despite all this, it doesn’t solve my number one problem with driving, the actual going through traffic to get from A to B and all the stress that implies. But still, if I were to get a new car, this little demon (which tops out at $18k, bonus) would be it.

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