Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Stephen Fry wishes a happy 25th to free software


Bon vivant and wit-slinger Stephen Fry isn’t just a first-rate writer and performer…he’s also a complete and total nerd, with a love for gadgetry and computers that knows no bounds. He’s just recorded a salute to free software and doffed his cap to the many and various people who have contributed to the free software movement.

Unfortunately, as with many things Linux/GNU/etc, free doesn’t mean “user friendly.” There’s no easy way to embed the video using the open source Flash encoder provided my the GNU nerds (or at least, they haven’t set u the video to do so), so I have to embed the Youtube version, seen below. If you want to see a much nicer looking version of the video, go here.

Warren Frey is a journalist, freelance writer, podcaster, video producer, and all-around media consultant currently based in Vancouver, Canada. His written work has appeared in such publications as Metro Vancouver, the Westender, Mac | Life and the Japan Times.

2 Responses to “ Stephen Fry wishes a happy 25th to free software ”

jabberwocky says:

Excellent point he makes about Linux. I have been a fan of it for a wile despite my being a mac user.

Warren Frey says:

I’ve tried to be a Linux fan several times, but something always proves to be more difficult than it needs to be and I inevitably end up slinking back to OS X. Plus for video editing, there’s nothing better than Final Cut (at least for m purposes).

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