Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

The beginning of the end for the far right


Foreign Policy has an interesting post up on their blog detailing how McCain’s Super Tuesday win marks the end of an era for far right American conservatives. The mood of the country just won’t fit anymore with the divisive ways of Geroge Bush and Co., and the backlash can already be seen in Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on MCcain and Ann Coulter’s statement that she’d rather vote for Hillary. I’m personally happy to see the country swing to the left, even if McCain ends up becoming president. It can hardly be any worse than the last eight years .

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One Response to “ The beginning of the end for the far right ”

killahmullet says:

Funny. Coulter never mentions what Obama ruling the country would look like.

I think both Republicans and the Democratic establishment (the Boomers) can’t really conceive of a political reality without the tired liberal vs. conservative debate. Partisan politics falling to the wayside would ruin a lot of pundits’ careers.

People like Coulter who have built their reputation on targeting middle-aged, white liberals like the Clintons wouldn’t know where to start with a president who is black and derives his political base from the young and marginalized.

On the other side of the coin, middle-aged Democrats would have trouble coping with a candidate led by a candidate who was brought to power by a strong grass-roots movement and those disillusioned with the Clinton’s tired “the right is the root of all evil in America” rhetoric.

It’s ironic to see Boomers on both sides of the fence who opted for change (Nixon) and inspiration (Kennedy) in the sixties discount Obama as a mere flash in the pan candidate who doesn’t have the experience necessary to lead.

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