Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

The end of aviation?


As fears of peak oil, resource wars and economic collapse dot the headlines, it’s a fair question whether aviation, which chews up an enormous amount of fuel and greenhouse gases, is still a viable form of transport. The New Republic has an interesting piece about how flying defines our economy, and how screwed we’ll be if aviation goes away.

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5 Responses to “ The end of aviation? ”

I Am Steven says:

Easy answer : zeppelins.

jabberwocky says:

Oh no bad idea. First it will be zeppelins then there will be the whole issue of having to deal with Cybermen running around trying to upgrade us all, and deleting the rest.

I Am Steven says:

It would be a (good Republican/Conservative) solution for the homeless problem, though…

jabberwocky says:

Maybe, but you can just as easily just ship those off that don’t have a valid employment cards to the Eastern Labour Camps.

I Am Steven says:

After having closed the factories in the west……..hmm. I hadn’t thought of that!

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