Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

The return of splatterfests…now with CGI!


While watching Evil Dead 2 last night, I mused to Mel that no-one seems to have combined the Raimi love for over-the-top gore and the obvious possibilities of CGI. How wrong I was! Behold Adam Chaplin, a movie so gory it even has its own name, HABS (Hyper realistic Anime Blood Symulation), for their blood and guts techniques.

I haven’t seem Adam Chaplin, so it could be total crap for all I know, but I give props to any film that takes new VFX technology and does something new, different with it, especially in the low-budget realm.

Any other cool and underexposed horror flicks out there using CG and other techniques to up their game? Tell me in the comments!

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