Monday, October 2nd, 2006

The stupidity of 9/11 conspiracy theorists


Matt Taibbi, a Rolling Stone columnist, has a brilliant piece of writing ripping the 9/11 conspiracry theorists to shreds for their lack of a cohseive theory as to why the Bush Administration would possibly want to engineer 9/11 (the big clue being..they wouldn’t.) I agree with everything he’s said…while Bush and his cronies are a bunch of corrupt, venal dinks who should have never gone into Iraq and who need to be booted out of office pronto….anyone who’s done a modicum of reading about Al Quada, the MIddle East, the decline of the American intelligence agencies and history in general can see that 9/11 should have been foreseen, but it certainly wasn’t pre-ordained from Washington.

The problem with conspiracy theorists is that while their theories are often rather complicated, at base their ramblings stem from a desire to make sense of history by simplifying it. And history doesn’t work that way; big, world-changing events like 9/11 happen after decades of little things build up into an unstoppable historical force, not because a cabal of no-goods decide to justify some secret, nefarious plan with a spectacular show of force.

And the other thing that really irks me about these theorists is that they’re just as ignorant as Bush and his gang. By declaring the attacks were an inside job, they essentiallly dismiss 30 years of American meddling in the Middle East as part of the debate. And America’s less than stellar foreign policy in the region is a big reason (if not THE big reason) the attacks happened. But the conspiracists look inward is the same ridiculous American exceptionalism that drives Bush to say the terrorists hate our freedoms, rather than taking a step back and wondering why so many people have a big gripe against the Land of the Free.

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