Saturday, March 31st, 2007

‘The traditional Jahn (Father of Gymnastics!) Gymnastics Festival’


In the town of Jahn FREYBURG (Saxonia-Anhalt) took place the 80th anniversary of the traditional “Jahn Memorial”. Gymnasts of all age groups from 15 to hundred years were active at the apparatusses. The guests came from 19 German country federations, but also from other European clubs. The traditional German club TSV Meissen came with a big delegation, although their gym was destroyed through the flood catastrophe. They need help, to continue their training ….

The oldest participant and winner in his age category was the 93 old Albert Jakob from the VfL Waiblingen. He was also the Turngest winner in May 2002 in Leipzig and will celebrate his 94th birthday in coming October.

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