Thursday, September 30th, 2004

This debate is more than


This debate is more than half over, and so far Kerry seems to be a lot more coherent and making some decent points. He even seems to be sticking with short answers intsead of wonking out. But I doubt it matters. Bush will probably be declared the winner because he’s “resolute.”

Bush actually comes off as “how can this guy question me? I’m the President!”, while Kerry has the advantage of not having to answer for four years of nonsense. But like I said, the US is so divided it doesn’t matter.

Plus I don’t really buy any of Kerry’s promises. The guy is a flip-flopper, and runs policy based on polls. But at least he isn’t a religious nut.

update: now it’s completely over. My pick is Kerry, but that’s because I hate freedom. 🙂

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