Tuesday, December 14th, 2004

Why I don’t go to the movie theatre anymore…


Well, the short answer is I can’t. I live in a small town, the movie theatre is the next town over, and they get everything a month after it comes out. It’s a really good theatre, with great sound and comfortable seats, but I’m impatient.

So whenever I get to the city (be it Edmonton or Vancouver), I try to see a movie that’s just opened. This time it was Ocean’s Twelve, which was fairly entertaining and worth at least typing into a search engine next to “torrent” a few months from now. 🙂

What I don’t enjoy is the opening weekend crowd. I used to be able to tolerate the teenage nonsense that comes with a new movie, but it’s starting to get to me in my advanced years. But that’s just the start. Once you get into the theatre, they run a continuous string of commercials before the movie starts. Oh no, wait, that’s before the OTHER commercials start, all ten of them. That’s right, ten. It used to be they’d show one or two commercials before the trailers. Well, no more. They load up and make you sit through a pile of inanity at full volume. Not cool. At least the trailers were palatable, including Batman Begins, which looks like it might break the curse of terrible, over-directed Bat-schlock the last two films devolved into. But good gravy, I just paid $14 for this?

And just to top things off, there was an actual, no-foolin’ poster for a movie called “Karate Dog.” I’m not kidding.

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