Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Wil Wheaton’s anti-Hollywood, pro-geek rant


Wil Wheaton was once despised by geekdom for playing Wesley Crusher. But what no-one knew at the time is that the guy is as much of a hardcore geek as the rest of us, as amply demonstrated by his sterling website and post-TNG musings. Wheaton’s latest column on SuicideGirls knocks one out of the park with a screed about why Hollywood sucks, how studio executives continually screw up comic books and other geek totems and why this matters, at least to us nerds.

And in other Trek-related matters, here’s an interview with Leonard Nimoy and (soon-to-be playing young Spock) Zach Quinto. I have my doubts about a reboot of the Star Trek franchise, but I’ll still gobble up any scrap info I can get.

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