Tuesday, August 31st, 2004

Wired has an article about


Wired has an article about how three of the titans of anime will be releasing cel-based goodness at the same time soon. Though I’ve long since tempered my love for Japanese cartoonery, I have to admit this crop of filmic goodness looks pretty tasty.

And I also have to say that, despite the inherent nerdiness of anime and much of anime fandom, a lot of good things have come my way since I popped “Project A-ko” into my laserdisc player more than a decade ago. Either directly or indirectly, I’ve made lifelong friends (who I still talk to every day on MSN, and who I’ll be staying with in Vancouver on the long weekend), been best man at my best friend’s wedding, been to Japan twice, and been published on Shift.com and in the Prague Post, all thanks to anime.

Of course, I just sold my A-ko laserdisc on eBay, and Lillerant will soon get my laserdisc player to further his Star Wars preservation madness. And as I’ve gotten older and my tastes change, my tolerance for plotless crap that happens to be from Japan has withered a bit. And the fans are by and large an irritating and spoiled bunch. Back in the day we had to work to find this crap! But I guess that’s just part of growing up.

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