Friday, June 20th, 2008

C61 Smackdown and the death of Search Engine


Here’s some video from the House of Parliament where Jim Prentice, the Minister of Industry and the main force behind the pending copyright atrocity known as Bill C61 gets smacked a good one.

And here’s a link to an interview from Search Engine, CBC’s internet culture show, where Prentice fails to defend C61 and hangs up on the host.

By the way, Search Engine will not be back in September. As usual, the CBC has produced something of value and decided not to do anything with it. Clap clap…clap. Here’s some reaction from blogs and the Globe and Mail.

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One Response to “ C61 Smackdown and the death of Search Engine ”

I Am Steven says:

Well, at least an NDP backbencher is on our side. I’m more amazed at how CPAC is still using a signer in that cheesy oval video insert in the top right hand corner. Have they not heard of closed captioning?

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